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"What sealed the deal on software engineering for me was that rush you get when something finally works."

Rachel Keirouz | Mathematics-Computer Science

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Bioinformatics majors address the growing need for trained computational biologists in the rapidly growing field of biological data analysis.

Cognitive Science students are at the forefront of researching solutions and developing technology designed to better suit humanity.

Computer science students gain knowledge in key computing theories and languages, directly preparing them to enter high tech industry.

Electrical and Computer Engineering students unite principles of mathematics and science to become architects of electronic systems.

Mathematics–Computer Science students focus on the intersection between mathematics and theoretical computer science.

Scientific Computation majors bridge the gap between applied mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts students embody the new generation of artists and musicians.

Speculative Design is a 21st century mix of art, science, and emerging technology focused on aesthetic and entrepreneurial and activist intervention.

Data scientists use mathematics and computing to tackle the emerging need for data analysis in a wide range of industries.

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From hackathons to career fairs, computing students have access to a diverse range of exciting events. Search for events to begin your journey on a computing path.


UC San Diego enjoys state-of-the art facilities and resources that enrich the computing experience. Discover innovative spaces, tools, and support offered to computing students.

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