Current Students

Julian is a 4th year Bioengineering: bioinformatics student at UCSD. He is also the president of Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club (UBIC). In this video, he talked about favorite class taken. He also discussed the challenging things about this major and ways to tackle these difficulties.

Sneha is a 4th year, computer science: Bioinformatics student at UC San Diego. She is also the CEO and founder of Giventure.  Sneha talks about how bioinformatics and resources on campus  inspired her entrepreneurship and lead to birth of her own company.

Rongxin Fang is a 2nd year PHD student of UCSD in the bioinformatics program. In this interview, he introduces his experience and his reasons to change major from mechanical engineering to bioinformatics.  He analysed deep in potential and expectations people see in this new emerging field.

Sam Payne is a PHD Bioinformatics alumni from UCSD. In this interview, he talked about his experience and the change in research-oriented careers in industries. He also shared his love and passion for integration of biology and computer science.