Dr. Sarah Guthals graduated from UC San Diego with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2010 and continued to pursue a Masters and PhD in Computer Science at UCSD. She is one of the co-founders and the CTO of ThoughtSTEM. She was named 30 Under 30 by Forbes magazine in 2016. In this video, she shares her story and passion about Computing Education.

"To me, getting a degree in just Computer Science, isn't as interesting as applying it to something else that you love."


Kylie Taitano graduated in 2014 from UC San Diego CSE and is currently a Software Engineer in Test at Intuit. In this video, she explains her work as a Software Engineer in Test and her experience as an undergraduate at UCSD.

Jason Sandoval was a transfer student at UC San Diego. He majored in Computer Science and now works at Arista Networks, working with low-level hardware switches. In this video, he shares his undergraduate experience and advices with incoming students.

Jason's Tip:
*Don't take shortcuts, follow the recommended order!

Zach Johnson, a current software engineer at Google, graduated in 2014 with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. In his four years at UC San Diego, he was an active tutor within the CSE department and interned at Microsoft, Facebook, and Google X. He shares his undergrad experience and advice to incoming students in this video.

Zach's Tip!
*Form a study group

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