Every path through UCSD is unique, and there’s no right or wrong path. Some students have explored many different routes on their way to finding the right fit for them. These are their stories and advice.

Rachel Keirouz

Mathematics-Computer Science | Class of 2017

Rachel entered UC San Diego as a Nanoengineering major, but after a few classes realized that the major wasn’t right for her. Her parents insisted she try taking a computer science class, just to see if she liked it–and after an introductory Java course (CSE 8A), realized that was her true passion. Rachel switched to the Mathematics-Computer Science major because she was also interested in theoretical math topics as well as computer science.

After her second year, Rachel landed her first internship. Yet while she assumed it would be her “dream internship”, the experience led her to again have doubts about her major choice. She decided to keep going, continuing to tutor in the Computer Science department and searching for other internships. Her following two internships were much more positive, and restored her passion for computing.

These experiences then led Rachel to her job at Microsoft in the fall following her senior year.

“What I learned is that you don’t have to have everything figured out and there’s never really a moment that you do have everything figured out, but as long as you are focused on what you can do next... you're going to be fine.”

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